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  • About Me

    DJ Mark has been dropping trance and progressive house beats since 2000. He now hosts the Pacifica Radio Network's only syndicated dance mix show, "Trance on the Porch", originating from KZGM-FM in Cabool, MO since April 2009.
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    Trance on the Porch costs money.  I donate my time and equipment to this public radio program, but the content (music) costs money, and I have to purchase the songs you hear each week like anybody else.  With the current conversion rate, each track costs between $1.40-$1.99.  Average out about 8 songs per episode and you can imagine how much each month’s worth of shows costs- it’s expensive!

    You can help keep Trance on the Porch on the air by doing two things:

    1) Donate to your local Pacifica Radio Network affiliate! They are non-profit (like my flagship affiliate, KZGM) and rely upon listener donations to pay their bills.  Trance on the Porch is distributed free of charge to the network affiliates, so any money you give to them stays at the station.

    2) Donate to Trance on the Porch! Each episode costs between $10-$15, so consider making a donation to pay for one episode.  Or, if you’re like me with a job that doesn’t provide any benefits like health insurance or sick leave, please donate $5 or whatever you can afford.

    Please donate today, and thank you for your support of independent music programs like Trance on the Porch on the Pacifica Radio Network!