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  • About Me

    DJ Mark has been dropping trance and progressive house beats since 2000. He now hosts the Pacifica Radio Network's only syndicated dance mix show, "Trance on the Porch", originating from KZGM-FM in Cabool, MO since April 2009.
  • Where to Listen

    Trance on the Porch, a non-commercial program for non-profit community radio stations, is exclusively distributed in the United States on the Pacifica Radio Network. All affiliates are invited to download the weekly episodes at Pacifica’s Audioport. Not an affiliate? Don’t worry, TOTP is available for other stations. Email djmark -at- djmark -dot- us for info.

    Our flagship affiliate and origination point of Trance on the Porch, KZ88 (http://www.kz88.org), 88.1 FM, Cabool, MO, Saturday nights at 10PM Central and Tuesdays at 8PM!

    WYAP-LP 101.7 FM from Clay, WV (http://www.wyap.com) Friday and Saturday night at 11PM Eastern Time.

    KPVL-FM 89.1 FM from Decorah, IA (http://www.891theblend.org) Friday nights at midnight Central Time.

    WERU-FM 89.9 FM from Blue Hill/Bangor, ME (http://www.weru.org) Friday nights at midnight Eastern Time.

    WAZU-FM 90.7 FM from Peoria, IL (http://www.wazufm.org) Sunday mornings at 3AM Central Time.

    KEOS-FM 89.1 FM from Bryan/College Station, TX (http://www.keos.org) Saturday evenings at 11PM Central Time.

    WCRS-FM 98.3 FM and 102.1 FM from Columbus, OH (www.wcrsfm.org) Tuesday nights at midnight Eastern Time.

    WTJU-FM 91.1 FM from Charlottesville, VA (www.wtju.net) Sunday mornings at 3AM Eastern Time.

    WSLR-FM 96.5 FM from Sarasota, FL (www.wslr.org) Friday mornings at 1AM Eastern Time.

    KSMR-FM 92.5 FM and 94.3 FM from Winona, MN (http://ksmr.smumn.edu) Sunday mornings at 1AM Central Time.

    WXOJ-FM 103.3 FM from Northampton/Florence, MA (www.valleyfreeradio.org) Saturday nights at 9PM Eastern Time (may be pre-empted).

    Detour Music 105.3 FM from Knoxville, TN (http://www.thedetour.us) Friday nights at 8PM Eastern Time.

    Geneva Radio from Geneva, NY (http://genevaradio.blogspot.com) Saturday mornings at 1AM Eastern Time.

    PLUS random Pacifica Affiliates that air TOTP from time to time. Contact your local station and request us!